Kroon Vee Production Sale
4 November 2020

Floor Bidding Registration:


1. The PURCHASER acknowledges that the conditions of sale of KROON VEE (the AUCTIONEER) as applicable to public auctions held by it, shall be applicable to the purchase of the GOODS on the reverse hereof, and that such conditions shall be binding on him as though repeated herein, provided that nothing contained herein shall in any way prejudice any obligations he may have in terms of a PURCHASERíS AGREEMENT entered into with the AUCTIONEER.

2. The PURCHASER acknowledge that he has received the GOODS described on the reverse hereof, that these are the GOODS he did indeed buy and that he is satisfied on all accounts with the condition and quality thereof and that they are suitable for the purpose for which he bought them.

3. If the PURCHASER should be a judicial body of which the signatory of this invoice is a Director, Shareholder, Member, Agent or Trustee, the signatory binds himself by and through signing the invoice to the AUCTIONEER as guarantor and joint principal debtor in solidum with waiver of the legal exceptions ordinis seu excussionis et divisionis for the proper compliance with all the obligations for payment of the amount stated in this invoice, together with any interest which may be due thereon.

4. Interest at Standard Bankís prime rate plus 5% per month, monthly compiled and calculated will be levied on accounts not fully paid for on date of auction.

5. BUYERS en SELLERS agree for the purposes of any court cases that may arise from the buying and selling of animals to the jurisdiction of the Magisterial district. The AUCTIONEER will have the discretion of taking the case to the High Court in which case the BUYER or SELLERíS agreement to Magisterial Jurisdiction will not be perceived as grounds for inhibiting the AUCTIONEER of recovering legal costs in accordance with the tariffs of the High Court. BUYERS and SELLERS accept liability for payment of legal costs based on a scale of attorney and own client costs for purposes of any lawsuit that may result form the buying and selling of animals. The undersigned bind the PURCHASER of the above mentioned GOODS to:
- the conditions on the reverse there of
- an agreement with the AUCTIONEER that any outstanding amount on the invoice shall bear interest at the prime interest rate of the Standard Bank of SA Ltd plus 5% (five percent) which interest shall be capitalized monthly. The authorized representative certifies that he has authorization to buy the GOODS on behalf of the PURCHASER, to sign this invoice and to bind the PURCHASER to the conditions on the reverse side thereof, failing which authorized he shall be personally responsible for payment of the purchase price of the GOODS to KROON VEE on request, and shall be bound by all conditions which would have been binding on the PURCHASER as though he himself were the PURCHASER.


Complete the form below to register for the floor bidding on day of sale or CLICK HERE for the PDF form to be completed manually and sent to

For online bidding please register on the Swiftvee website.




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